Care, Use and Inspection of Alloy 800​ Chain Slings

- Apr 20, 2018-


• Store Alloy 800 chain slings on A-frames or wall racks in a clean dry place

• Lightly oil Alloy 800 chain slings before prolonged storage.

• Never heat-treat Alloy 800 chain slings.


• Always inspect a chain sling before use to ensure it is free from damage or wear.

• Ensure that the load is evenly distributed on all sling legs.

• Ensure that the chain is free of twists and is protected from any sharp corners on the load.

• Commence the lift slowly, taking up the slack gradually.

• When lowering, avoid the possibility of crushing the chain by ensuring that the load does not land on it.


It is important to inspect chain slings regularly and that a record is kept for each chain sling. Chain sling

inspection record cards are available.

• If necessary, clean the sling before inspection.

• Every chain link should be individually inspected for signs of wear, twisting, stretching, nicks, or gouging, and

any worn link measured to determine degree of wear.

• Oblong links and hooks should be inspected at their loadbearing points for signs of wear or distortion, eg

widening of hook throat opening.

• Defective chain links or fittings should be clearly marked to indicate rejection, and the chain sling withdrawn

from service until repaired.

• Connecting Links should be inspected for any signs of wear at their loadbearing points, for excessive play of the

load pin within the body halves and for impaired rotation of the body halves around the load pin.

• Enter all results in the sling inspection record card.