Hook up and down the process of attention

- Jan 19, 2018-

Lifting hook rings and other hardware rigging are lifting equipment in the important parts of equipment in the daily use will also be some problems, in order to ensure smooth and safe operation of the project, and in the process of decline in security problems. Here, Qingdao Rui De Tai Metal to tell you about the process of falling hook attention.


First of all, during the take-off and landing process, the crane just start up, the hook will force down. At this moment, if you listen carefully in the steering valve or in the cab, you will hear the squeaking sound that flows and is compressed by the hydraulic fluid. This sound will disappear as soon as the engine stops working. So, do not be alarmed.

In addition, when the engine is stopped, it will immediately stop the decline, which shows winch brake system without problems. If you want to check the hoist, hydraulic system should be controlled against the analysis of the map, the first control handle to the oil into the control valve, the hoisting starter can be opened. If there is a problem in the process of descending, because the hooks and the like do not need the control of the electrical appliance when descending, the trouble of the electrical circuit and the electrical appliance can be firstly eliminated. Generally, the source of the problem points to the hydraulic system. Therefore, before and after the operation, the hydraulic system of the crane and other equipment must be examined in detail.