Information for Alloy 80 chain

- Apr 20, 2018-

Effects of Hazardous Conditions

Heat Conditions

The strength of all chain slings is adversely affected by heat so care must be exercised when using at elevated

temperatures. Where temperatures are likely to be higher than 200ºC reductions in the working load limits of

Alloy 800 slings should be applied. (See table)

Heat Treatment

Alloy 800 Chain & Fittings do not require periodic heat treatment and

must never be heat treated.

Corrosive Conditions

Alloy 800 Chain & Fittings should not be used in acid or other corrosive



Alloy 800 Chain & Fittings must never be hot dipped, mechanically galvanised or electroplated except by PWB

Anchor. Hot dipped galvanised slings must always have their working load reduced by 20%.