Rope deformation reasons

- Jan 16, 2018-


In the lifting and lifting operations, the advantages of the application of rope rigging more obvious, however, after a long period of use, the device will be due to wear and tear, damage and other causes of various problems.

    1, trauma: In the operation process, wire rope rigging and other equipment is not normal contact easily lead to trauma. The most obvious trauma is the rope rigging in the pulley chute, jumped out of the baffle, the result often tens of meters and even hundreds of meters of wire rope scrapped because of partial failure.

    2, crushing: rope rigging on the reel after the mess prone to crushing phenomenon. Rope on the reel in the chaos, mutual strife, the operation will issue a "squeaking" sound. Wire rope damage caused by crushing will quickly appear in the local broken wire and flattened traces.

    3, kink: wire rope rigging in the local deformation after the permanent deformation is called rope kink. The direction of twist is consistent with the direction of rotation of the wire rope, which is called a positive kink, and vice versa, as a negative kink. Ordinary wire rope with rotation, if the ends of the strands are not bound to exert tension, the strands will reverse twist direction, which is caused by internal factors kinking. Tests show that the strength of the wire rope after kinking will be significantly reduced. The strength of the kink is only 60% ~ 80% of the original strength, and the strength of the negative kink is less than 50% of the original strength.

    The above three points is the main reason for the deformation of the wire ropes.