Slings rupture after welding, is very dangerous

- Jan 15, 2018-

Slings rupture after welding = dangerous

Slings in use, if the object is overloaded overload, it is easy to cause the rupture, and in the event of fracture, some customers in order to save costs, unauthorized use of slings after welding continue to use, but I do not know such a practice is to use taboo .

Castings such as hooks are not allowed to be welded. If the customer needs a welding hook, the welding hook can be purchased directly. The welding hook product and the so-called hook for soldering by the user are totally different concepts. Welding hook is not without permission to welding the hook, I hope users do not confuse. If the hook breaks when using, the user can not use it after welding. The normal welding can not make the hook carry heavy objects again. The hooks are forged when being manufactured, and the forging hook has certain Toughness, this toughness will make the hook products will not easily fracture, fracture is generally referred to here refers to a sudden break in the operation of the hook so that the goods fall directly, resulting in damage to goods or casualties, and has a certain degree of toughness of the hanging If the hook can not carry the weight during operation, it will not break suddenly, it will first appear twisted and deformed, and when it is serious, there will be cracks. If the user often checks whether the hook product is intact, it usually does not suddenly break off. However, the welding hooks are not flexible and can not be used at all. New products must be replaced.

The customer welded the ruptured sling even though the appearance was the same as the unbroken sling after welding, but the nature has changed, and there is considerable safety if the customer continues to use such hangers Hidden trouble, I hope customers hanging