Study on Cable Bending

- Jan 15, 2018-

Rope suppression rigging is a deep processing of wire rope products, is a branch of hoisting rope rigging, wire rope compression rigging refers to the two ends of the rope after bending into a certain size of the ring, the end of wear aluminum casing or steel The casing is pressed together with the rope to form a ring-shaped rigging. Its manufacturing is mainly divided into five steps: (1) is positioned on the casing; (2) is a steel wire wear casing; (3) is the end of the curved casing into the end of the casing; (4) Pre-tight casing positioning; (5) is to suppress the casing wire rope to form a ring eye. Rope suppression rigging began in the early 1980s in China processing, and its good softness, high consolidation rate, widely used in transportation, construction, industrial and mining enterprises, harbor hoisting, marine engineering, nuclear power construction and other engineering fields, The rapid development of China's heavy industry plays an important role.

A rope rope rigging production process and the main problems

The current rope compression rigging is divided into no collar and a collar (rigging collar or heavy collar) two categories, the main form shown in Figure 1.


1.1 no loop rope rigging rigging the main production process

(1) No rigging rings or heavy-duty collar compression slings less than Ф40 mm, using one to two artificial bent sleeves, wearing sleeves, fixing the sleeves on the press and adjusting the bending sleeve size by artificial tension suppress. (2) No rigging rings or heavy collar compression rigging within Ф40-60 mm, at least 2 artificial bent sleeves shall be worn and sleeves shall be worn on the press to adjust the bending sleeve size by manual tension Suppression. (3) Ф60-190 mm without rigging rings or heavy-duty collar compression rigging, the use of more than 2 people by vehicle assisted bending sets, wear casing, fixed casing on the press, winch and other mechanical tension adjustment Bent After the size of the suppression.

There are 1.2 sets of rope loop rope rigging the main production process

(1) Squatting rigging having a sling ring or a heavy collar of less than Ф40 mm shall be fitted with a 1 to 2 artificial bent sleeve, a sleeve inserted, a sleeve fixed on the press, Bent sleeve and the ring after the tightness of the pressure forming. (2) Within the Ф40-60 mm rigging rigging or heavy collar compression rigging, the use of artificial bending more than 2 people, wear casing, the casing is fixed on the press and join the ring, by artificial tension Tight set of curved sleeve and the tightness of the ring after pressing. (3) for Ф60 mm or more rigging rings or heavy collar compression rigging GB does not require that belong to non-standard products, the production process and above the same, but more than two people need to rely on driving, winch and other non-specialization Mechanical assistance to complete the suppression.

In summary and the actual production operation can be seen, less than Ф40 mm of steel wire rope making rigging rigging, positioning relatively labor-saving and labor-saving. Larger than Ф40 mm wire rope making rigging curved sets, positioning fee time-consuming, driving crooked pull oblique violations serious, inefficient, and for the lacing of the rigging rigging, artificial tension by preloading the curved sleeve and collar Close tightness, influenced by human factors, the quality of the tightness of the rope and the collar is not stable, and the collar is easily loosened after the rigging is forced.

In view of this mode of production, in October 2009, the project of developing equipment for bending rope slings for wire rope rigging was studied and the bending machine of rope sizing with a diameter of 190 mm was studied. By August 2010, a steel wire rope with independent intellectual property rights Pressing rigging bending machine equipment, the device is now briefly introduced.

2 rope compression rigging bent machine structure

Rope pressing rigging bending machine is mainly composed of racks, pressure feeding rope components, pressure casing components, rope displacement cylinder, casing displacement cylinder, rotating sleeve bending components, hydraulic control, etc. 7 most of the components in the rack Set in order, as shown in Figure 2.


2.1 pressure feed rope assembly

The pressure-feed rope assembly is located on one side of the frame and is hinged to a rope-displacing cylinder mounted below the frame to hold the single main rope body in place to adjust the collar size. The structure comprises a pressure rope moving seat, a pressure rope hydraulic cylinder, a rope pressure head, a roller wheel, a pressure tank hydraulic cylinder and a rope pressure head which are mounted on the pressure rope moving seat which is connected with the bottom of the pressure rope moving seat and can move on the whole.

2.2 Bushing assembly

The bushing assembly is located inside the pressure-feed rope assembly and is hinged with the casing displacement cylinder installed under the frame, and is responsible for clamping and fixing the casing for positioning through the bails. The utility model is mainly composed of a pressure sleeve moving seat, a pressure sleeve cylinder, a pipe pressure head and a roller. The pressure sleeve cylinder and the pipe pressure head are connected and installed on the movable seat of the pressure sleeve. The roller is connected with the bottom of the pressure sleeve mobile seat. Move in the rack.

2.3 curved sleeve rotating assembly

The bending sleeve rotating assembly is composed of pressing component, limit friction wheel, rotating disk, deceleration motor, etc. The main function is to press and fix the end of the bent wire end wire rope in the place of 600 mm to 1000 mm, . The clamping assembly is mainly composed of a clamping cylinder, a clamping block and a fixing frame, and is arranged on the rotating disk. The limiting friction wheel is connected on the upper part of the rotating disk and can be moved and positioned in the long circular slot on the rotating disk. The frame is connected with the rotating disk to drive the rotating disk to rotate.

2.4 hydraulic control section

Hydraulic control part consists of hydraulic station, the handle control valve body 2 parts, mainly by the five body control pressure rope cylinder, rope displacement cylinder, pressure casing cylinder, casing displacement cylinder, clamping cylinder work.

3 wire rope rigging bending machine works

3.1 greater than Ф40 mm rope 1 bending machine operation

(1) Place the bushing first on the moving seat of the bushing of the bushing assembly by the bushing cylinder but not to deform, and then start the rotating disc to rotate the clamping assembly to the basic position of the bushing; 2) Move the wire rope body through the pressure rope moving seat, sleeve and rotating disk of the pressure feeding rope assembly, and finally press the end of the rope passing through by the clamping cylinder at a distance of 600 mm to 1 000 mm; 3 ) Start the gear motor, rotating the turntable to drive the bending sleeve, in general, the ring sleeve is in the limit friction wheel, when the ring sleeve is too large, it can be outside the limit friction wheel; (4) Body and the main rope together, start the casing displacement cylinder driven sleeve on the pressure casing assembly penetrates the end of the rope body, and expose the right amount of end; (5) with a pressure rope cylinder clamping a single main rope body, Through the rope displacement cylinder to move back and forth to adjust the size of the rope; (6) after the rope ring sleeve qualified pressure casing components to start the pressure casing tube preload to the casing can not slip. As shown in Figure 3.


3.2 less than Ф40 mm wire rope 1 manual bending

(1) Place the bushing first on the moving seat of the bushing of the bushing assembly by the bushing cylinder but can not be deformed; (2) Do not use the rotating assembly of the bushing to manually pass the steel wire rope through the pressure feeding The rope assembly moves the seat, the sleeve and the bent sleeve to penetrate the end of the wire rope into the sleeve and expose the proper end; (3) the single main rope body is clamped by the pressure rope cylinder, and the cylinder is moved back and forth by the rope Adjust the size of the rope cover; (4) After the rope ring is qualified, the casing of the pressure casing of the pressure casing assembly is preloaded to prevent the rope from slipping.

3.3 production of a loop of steel wire bend

The production of a loop of steel wire rope bend, the basic and 3.1, 3.2 described the same, but when the rope is adjusted to the appropriate size after the collar into the collar preload, the size of the casing after pre-tensioning to the rope can not Slip.

3.4 pressure sleeve

The above production of steel wire rope rigging semi-finished products were moved to the press on the press molding, complete rigging production.

3.5 Rope pressing rigging bending machine according to production needs

According to the demand of production, the cable bending machine can also be divided into two parts: one is the pressure feeding rope assembly, the other is the hydraulic displacement control cylinder, the other one is installed on one end of the press, Displacement cylinder mounted on the other end of the press, the direct use of the press mold fixed casing. Clamping the two closed rope bodies after the bent sleeve by the pressure sleeve component, moving the displacement sleeve of the sleeve displacement cylinder assembly, inserting two rope bodies which are close together and inserting the sleeve into the sleeve, and then using the pressure delivery cord assembly and the rope displacement cylinder to adjust Rope cover.

4 wire rope rigging bending machine features

(1) Bending machine structure is simple and compact, practical, 1 person can complete the bending work.

(2) especially for more than Ф40 mm wire rope compression sets of curved, wear casing, dimensional positioning even more prominent advantages.

(3) Reduce the labor intensity, rigging sets long and accurate size, quality improvement.

(4) Changed the previous history of turning a large-diameter steel wire rope loop with a traffic curve, wearing a casing with a winch or driving a vehicle to achieve a special curved bend.

5 Conclusion

Wire rope pressing rigging bending machine has been a utility model national patents steel cord bending sleeve manufacturing technology with affordable, stable product quality, high efficiency and so on. In today's global economy, the productivity of science and technology and the aging population structure, people are increasingly demanding the liberation of labor productivity. The success of the research and development of the equipment for the bending of rope rigging rigging will be widely used in the development of the rigging industry and saving more labor force.