wire rope clip

- Jan 23, 2018-

Also known as wire rope clamps, mainly for the temporary connection of wire rope and wire rope around the fixed.


Type of chuck:

According to the production stand includ: GB clip, DIN741 wire rope clip, US Type forging wire rope clip, us type cast wire rope clip. the different types of wire rope clip, material and production technology and surface are differend. The production process of the wire rope clip body is forging, the surface treatment body is usually electro galvanized, the U-shaped bolt is electro galvanized, and the specification of the wire rope clip is based on the size of the wire rope, for example, only the wire rope clip diameter 1/2 of the rope.

Use of wire rope clip:

Carbon steel casting rope clamp commonly used static bolt knot, rope pull fastening, such as electricity, communications lines, strapping and fastening.

 Forged wire rope clip commonly used in lifting lifting bearing, such as rotary drilling rig construction machinery.

Stainless steel wire rope clip because of its corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, it is used for marine accessories, chemical plants, radiation and other environments.

The main purpose of the chuck:

It is used in port, engineering crane, metallurgical mining equipment, oil derrick, port rail loading and unloading, forestry machinery, electric power equipment, sea and land transport, engineering rescue, salvage sunken ship, lifting of factories and mines and other enterprises.

wire rope clip selection should pay attention to the following points:

1. When the wire rope clip is used, the inner clearance of its U-shaped ring should be 13mm larger than the diameter of the wire rope. Too big snap-in adapter is not tight and easy to happen.

2. On the wire rope clip head must be tightened until the rope is crushed 1/31/4 diameter stop, and after the rope force, then tighten the chuck bolt once again to ensure that the joint solid and solid.

3. The wire rope clip should be placed in a smooth, U-shaped part of the rope touch, not with the main rope touch.

4. In order to facilitate the inspection of the joint is not solid and found that the rope is not sliding, in the end of a chuck about 500mm after another security card, and the release of a rope, so that when the joint rope slipping , Safety bend "is mainly straightened, then it should immediately adopt ways to deal with.