Wire rope end connection method

- Jan 12, 2018-

Wire rope end connection method

Wire rope rigging is generally used in lifting and lifting operations, so the safety and connection of the rope rigging and its accessories is very important for safe construction. Here, Qingdao Rui De Tai Metal tell you in detail about the end of the rope fastening method.

Wire rope fastening the top - braiding method. Production real life is the most common method of fastening knitting method, using a heart-shaped collar will bend the wire rope is folded up, and the end of each rope strand wire rope programmed into the body, repeated 4-8 times, with the last truss or Clamp tightly to the chuck. In the implementation process, the binding length of not less than 20 times the diameter of the rope used to ensure safety.

Fasten the top of the wire rope connection - fixed chuck, wire rope chuck, born wire rope born. When the wire rope is fixed at the end of the wire rope, the ring is fixed by means of a first method and then tightened with the chuck head. Fixed, according to the different diameter wire rope, should be equipped with the corresponding number of chuck. Rope diameter 7-18 mm should be provided with three chuck, 19-27 mm should be provided with four chuck, 28-37 mm should be provided with five chuck, 38-45 mm should be provided with six chuck . And, to ensure that the tensile strength of the chuck should not be less than 80% of wire rope breaking tension. The rest should be in accordance with the safe use of wire rope rigging operations.

Fasten the top of the wire rope connection - alloy pressure head method, we must first wire rope in accordance with the end of the split, and leave each head spare. After remaining strands not exceed the length of the split sleeve length of the alloy, and the top rope is bent to the appropriate wells, all split apart strands are inserted into the main cable, to finally set Ru Lvsuo compaction sleeve.

The top of the wire rope is fastened - the detachable joint is mainly used for the wedge sleeve. After the wire rope is connected with the wedge sleeve, the construction can be carried out. However, this method can only guarantee about 90% of the wire rope breaking force.