Rigging Industry Big Development

- Jan 11, 2018-

With the continuous development of rigging industry, market demand has also gradually increased, China has become a global manufacturing and consumer rigging. China's economy continues to develop at a rapid pace with its export competitiveness strengthened and its exports also doubled. Rigging market demand in our country continues to increase, the continuous development of outstanding enterprises, rigging industry began to enter the road of branding.

Rigging industry to rely on science and technology, improve the level of equipment, and actively adopt new technology, new materials. Increase independent research and development efforts to strengthen cooperation between rigging enterprises and other industries to determine the key and joint research; increase investment, in particular, some large enterprises to actively introduce and digest the world-class level, and promote the entire industry, the level, to the level Develop and apply new technologies and materials to save energy, reduce pollution, and increase efficiency while improving product safety and durability.

Qingdao Rui De Tai market-oriented, increase efforts to adjust product structure, select the right entry point, the high-tech, high-quality rigging as the focus of research and development, pay close attention to quality management, strict quality standards. Faced with economic globalization, Qingdao Rui De Tai to catch the two markets at home and abroad. Continued to expand the demand for rigging applications, and create a new situation in the rigging market.