Why Rigging Industry In China And International Brands Are Still Different

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Why rigging industry in China and international brands are still different

In China's rigging market, Europe and the United States have been coexisting with domestic private enterprises all the time. High, medium and low producers coexist. In recent years, the development of China's rigging has been very rapid and the export situation is quite promising. However, Late development of the industry, there is a certain gap with foreign rigging enterprises, after analysis mainly in several aspects:

1) Strategic planning. World-class company's products, often give a very clear impression. Many of China's rigging enterprises diversify their strategies, while there is excessive competition, manufacturers and brand main business is not prominent, the core competitiveness is poor, therefore, production companies to be professional, to become the leader in product categories. Many of our rigging business, wire rope rigging, rings business smaller, so do not be exhausted in all aspects, but should first of a certain type of product well.

2) Brand. Has entered China's foreign rigging enterprises in the world are well-known multinational companies, they have a good reputation, to provide users with quality products and perfect service. Chinese enterprises are more familiar with languages and markets and have a better understanding of the needs of their culture. Therefore, it is more likely that they will build their own brands.

3) Marketing Management. At present, China's rigging management model has not embarked on the road of real agency, management experience, management tools, management personnel are faced with challenges, market management, price management, marketing management have yet to be improved.

4) Scientific decision-making mechanism. Many people think that foreigners do not understand the Chinese market. In fact, foreign manufacturers are going to hire Chinese natives with a high salary to buy information, establish effective information channels and quick response decision-making channels. However, Chinese enterprises The response to the market often lags behind and there is a lack of decision at the time of the decision to delay business opportunities.

    These gaps, many companies have begun to realize, and gradually introduced a series of improvement measures.

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